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San Diego County, California

Photo by Jeff Holt

In-Classroom Presentations

You’ll be amazed at how excited and engaged students become when a VMF Outdoor Education teacher visits a classroom to bring to life the Volcan Mountain Plant and Animal Communities highlighted by the Chaparral/Oak Woodland that makes up Volcan Mountain and much of San Diego County.  Students will gain a better understanding for this unique mixed oak and coniferous forest ecosystem by passing around animal skins and specimens, learning about natural science through song, and helping to ‘teach’ what they already know with active learning.

The In-Classroom Presentation is designed to be a precursor to a field trip on the mountain. Our Exploring San Diego Shrublands 4th grade curriculum lesson plan through SD Children and Nature is just one way to enjoy a science based series of lessons on our local plant communities. This exciting opportunity to discover and hike the 5,000 ft mountain will involve a 2 mile hike up the mountain with an overview of Julian.  On the hike, students will learn about energy flow systems within the plant community, and create a journal entry to bring back to the classroom. This lesson is designed to support the Science Standards for your grade level and will be an all day event!

Sack lunches, water and recommended clothing will be discussed at the presentation.

The field trip will ideally be followed up by another 35 minute presentation designed for further understanding of the ecosystem and interrelationships within that system. Service learning projects can be discussed at this time.

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