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San Diego County, California

Photo by Colleen Bradley

Outdoor Education

Have you ever wondered what the mountains of San Diego have to offer?  Come find out!  The Volcan Mountain Foundation Education-Outreach Program offers field outings to Volcan Mountain ranging from guided hikes to service learning projects.  We feature an excellent staff of outdoor educators who will treat your group to a deeper understanding of the plant and animal communities here in the backcountry.  This exciting opportunity to discover and hike the 5,000 ft mountain can include a 2 mile hike along the VMF interpretive trail with a view over Julian and on to the coast.

For teachers, we can present and facilitate the grade specific science standards that will support in-classroom teaching.  Student participants can learn about energy flow systems within various plant and animal communities, and create journal entries to bring back to the classroom. This lesson is designed to support the Science Standards for your grade level and will be an all day event!

Ideally, the field outing will be followed up by another 35 minute in-classroom presentation designed for further understanding of the ecosystem and interrelationships within that system.  Service learning projects can be discussed at this time.

Customized outings can also be coordinated for a wide variety of groups, including: scout, family, service, and conservation organizations.  We will try to meet your specific needs to support an introduction to the wilderness.

Schedule a Volcan Mountain field outing by contacting the VMF Administrative Assistant via e-mail; or phone, VMF Office:  760-765-2300